Author’s note

This is the original exposing kultchara blog of which we are the authors. Some people have created a mirror blog without our permission and without crediting us. We have nothing to do with that fake blog whatsoever.

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1 thought on “Author’s note”

  1. What kind of nasty person, let alone a ‘monk’, sets up websites to attack other people? I thought by virtue of the fact your in robes your supposed to be accepting of others and practice compassion. Never knew ‘monks’ could be like this and I def didn’t realize that it was part of the monk vows to attack others in this way. I mean, I’ve gone through this website and it’s not as though there’s anything constructive on it, it’s just personal attacks and weak personal intepretations?

    It just strikes me as incredibly hypocritical behavior that this ‘monk’ accuses this Tsem person of certain activities and yet he’s not exactly above board himself, setting up websites engaging in the same thing he accuses others of. Doesn’t anyone see the irony in that?

    From what I can tell, this isn’t the first site he’s set up to attack other Buddhist practitioners and organizations. Yeah, not a decent human being, let alone a nice ‘monk’… definitely not someone who has the right to judge or criticize others. And geez, if this is the type of ‘monk’ leading that center in Germany, how can anyone follow him or receive teachings from him, or even make offerings to him?

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