Kultchara’s public meltdown

Recently, ‘Modern Buddhist Fellowship‘- A Singaporean group was put on Kultchara’s chopping board for posting some pictures of their new statue of Nagarasksha on Facebook which Kultchara claims to be “stolen” (no conclusive evidence provided by Kultchara yet) from them.

Just some background – this Singaporean group was an initiative headed by a man named JJ who Kultchara has recently made a public announcement of his dismissal from his “Pastorship”, along with the release of many private details regarding him and defamatory statements against his character. (Refer to our previous article: Ugly Divorce)

Now, below is a parade of comments from… well… we guess all that is left of the members of Kultchara within just a day of the above post.

Not sure what everyone’s moral compasses are like, but we sure find some of the comments cringe-worthyly anger driven and outright silly.

For your reading pleasure – Enjoy!

In fact, several members got so worked up, they started sharing on their own walls.

Realizing that this outburst was not doing much for their already fairly tattered public image, Kultchara writes this on their official Facebook page:
Funny that they say that the Board of Directors do not agree with such outburst, when it seems like the Pastors, Supposedly “ordained” nuns/’Ani’, Personal Attendants to Scam Rinpoche, Directors of Kultchara all had something to say in the comments above.

We also find the conversation between “Pastor” David and Fundraising Director Martin bizarre because while Kultchara makes the public announcement that JJ has recieved “no empowerments” from Scam Rinpoche

In the same breath, they can condemn him for “breaking samaya” with the guru.

Well, which one is it? Because if you were a real Buddhist, who actually studies realDharma and read Tsongkhapa’s Lamrim instead of just talking about it all the time… Or even if you just took the time to Google you’d know that “samaya” is created only from getting an empowerment from the Vajra Master.

Bet you don’t learn this mantra in Kultchara!


Another fun side note – Why is Kultchara trying to worship Nagaraksha a predominantly Nyingma practice when their not so World-Peace loving protector Shugden has clearly expressed his dismay of non-Gelug teachings and practices and further enforced by prominent Shugden masters like Pabongkha Rinpoche and Zemey Rinpoche?
Which other Gelug monastery or center practice Nagaraksha?

Why do they need this deity with many faces and arms?
A face for each lie they make and a hand for grabbing each of the followers’ wallets?

Finally – Well Done Modern Buddhist Fellowship for responding to Kultchara’s baseless, defamatory accusations and legal threats in a very simplistic yet mature manner (like any normal well organized group should).



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12 thoughts on “Kultchara’s public meltdown”

  1. What kind of nasty person, let alone a ‘monk’, sets up websites to attack other people? I thought by virtue of the fact your in robes your supposed to be accepting of others and practice compassion. Never knew ‘monks’ could be like this and I def didn’t realize that it was part of the monk vows to attack others in this way. I mean, I’ve gone through this website and it’s not as though there’s anything constructive on in it, it’s just personal attacks and weak personal interpretations?

    It just strikes me as incredibly hypocritical behaviour that this ‘monk’ accuses this Tsem person of certain activities and yet he’s not exactly above board himself, setting up websites engaging in the same thing he accuses others of. Doesn’t anyone see the irony in that?

    From what I can tell, this isn’t the first site he’s set up to attack other Buddhist practitioners and organizations. Yeah, not a decent human being, let alone a nice ‘monk’… definitely not someone who has the right to judge or criticize others. And geez, if this is the type of ‘monk’ leading that center in Germany, how can anyone follow him or receive teachings from him, or even make offerings to him?

  2. Why is a monk doing this? Monks gain fame from studies and scholarship, not by writing nasty blogs and exposing other people’s “dirty” laundry (if it is even true). Which monastery did Peljor you go to that taught you to practise the opposite of kindness and patience? It makes me doubt if you become a “monk” for the right motivation in the first place.

  3. So strange that a ‘monk’ occupies himself with so many worldly matters. If he is a real monk he should have already understood that nothing is right in samsara. Instead of highlighting controversies real or imagined, he should have done what the Buddha counselled – gain enlightenment; exercise compassion to help all beings. Not exercise prejudice and bigotry to pull people down.

    I also looked at all the figures this guy supposedly exposed as frauds. All are established figures in Buddhism with centres and students and followers. The only one without anything to show for his practice is this Peljor dude.

  4. Excuse me Mr. Peljor, aren’t Dharma practitioners supposed to be non-schismatic and gossipy? What more a monk? Aren’t you supposed to be teaching about peace, love and meditation? It’s quite strange and somewhat disturbing reading your blog and you seem to enjoy criticising others a lot, even though you may not personally know them? And even if you do, aren’t we not supposed to gossip, or did you get special permission from His Holiness to do this? You seem to be quite vengeful and bitchy for a monk. I wouldn’t want to seek you for any advice if I had problems, just look at some of your comments. Why would anyone go to you? All you do is criticise others and put people down? Who made you the karma judge on others and how they dress and what not? Are you sure you are a monk?

  5. Peljor,

    Other lamas and monks are focused on their work to benefit many sentient beings, while you are focused on criticizing other people. Instead of using your time to jeopardize other people’s good work, why don’t you make something of yourself? Is it because you are incapable of doing good things and therefore you resort to one thing that you know how to do best? To find faults in others.

  6. Shouldn’t a monk be practising acceptance, equality and compassion? Why is a monk like you spreading schism and even setting up sites to defame another person? What is your intention? Why are you even a monk? Are you sure that your vows allow you to do all that? Do the people you give “dharma teachings” to know that creating schism especially is against the sangha vows? Are you sure what you’ve been “teaching” is valid?

  7. Tenzin Peljor, thank you for all the gossip news about Dorje Shugden lamas and their students. I found them to be highly entertaining, interesting and like much of the gossip news on E news and National Enquirer, I take it with a pinch of salt. I had been following them and sadly, I don’t see how all the negative news match up with your saffron robes. Are you really a monk or you are really working for the National Enquirer? Last time I heard, monks don’t peddle gossip and negativity, they are suppose to be a beacon of meditation, contemplation and compassion. Sad to say, I don’t see any of these qualities in any of your writings online.

  8. 简直不敢相信自己的眼睛! 这位自称”僧人”的Peljor到底在做什么? 出家人没有出家人的威仪,反而做起了小人的勾当来! 暂且不论此博客的内容是真是假,作为一位真正守戒的出家人是不应该作出这种低下的人身攻击的! 真不知他是哪间寺院出来的,丢人啊,简直败坏佛门,恶心死了!

  9. 为什么一位“和尚”痴迷于佛敎界中的争议,而不专注于佛教本身的学习和修行?他不但不鼓励一群遗弃他们上师的佛教徒更进一步的进修,Peljor为什么加入并参与他们在网上的诽谤和批评行为?很明显,他的企图是把这些人归为自己的弟子,根本不把这些人的修行道和信仰当成一回事。大家要提防这位败坏佛门的假和尚!

  10. Dear Venerable Tenzin Peljor,

    Thank you for taking your time to disclose so much dirty laundry in other supposed to be dharma practitioners closets. Although I enjoy reading your insights of these matters, I find them lacked dharma and useful methods that uplift my spirituality. It would be good if you include actual and practical dharma methods into your blog so that it has more positive vibes in them.

    While I appreciate your work, I do believe we have much negativities in life and negative issues especially related to spiritual people that are supposed to be kind, compassionate, caring, loving are very demotivating. As you shown the negative side of things, it would be very helpful if you provide positive solution to the matter and guide your readers to deal with the dilemma. Otherwise, people do not have a reason to continue visiting your blog which could be compared easily with one of those useless gossip magazines that earn readership and profit from publishing other people’s privacy.

    The Buddha has taught that one’s mind is reflected on one’s actions and speech. I don’t think you wish others to misunderstand your intentions because you have presented things in a negative and harmful manner.

    All the best to you.

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