Example of abuse from Scam Rinpoche

A few days ago, Scam Rinpoche posted this incredibly long rant on his Facebook page.

Funny how he’s posting this on his Facebook now, when he’s at least posted the exact same abusive rant on his blog No more excuses please back in May 2012.
So when you run out of actual scholarly content to plagiarize from people you enjoy to openly harass, you simply recycle old abusive rants you’ve been hurling at students for at least the past 4 years?

This rant is way too long for us to put our readers through reading, so we’ve taken the liberty to condense it to how we read it by simply deleting half of the original unnecessary content.

Dear (Name I shall keep confidential on my blog to make myself look good but all the people in my organization already knows who you are because I’ve spent hours bitching about you to them already),

If you want out, you know life and the meaningless drudgery of it you will be going back to. You know your end result like many towards the end of your life will be meaningless death.

but if you are still attached to your old life of sleep, deceptive freedom, friends,conveniences, easy life, socializing et al, then you will not perform well here or anywhere.

Got you where? Resulted in what? What have you achieved? Whatever you are failing in Kultchara is what you were failing in before you came to Kultchara.

What your parents didn’t teach you, is left to me to teach you.

Whatever insecurities and failures you feel or self-hatred you feel before Kultchara you brought into Kultchara and into my world and you leave it to me to deal with.

you are a bad communications person

you are not a hard worker

you like to cover mistakes

you like the night life, easy life, fun life and convenient life

Accommodating you is not the reason you came to dharma. It’s the opposite in fact.

you are late, undisciplined, not on time, always give excuses and always do your work sloppily

again and again and again with your myriad deliciously worded apologies.

your mind goes up and down and up and down like a see-saw, it is not Kultchara who made you this way. You came this way.

In fact in your new environment you will see-saw worse having experienced the blessings of Kultchara and our goals.

you are lazy, impatient and want the easy way out. When you don’t get that, you get sad, depressed, question why you are here. But that is what you have been doing your whole life.

You reaffirm your failure of before entering Kultchara. Whatever you did not achieve before you entered Kultchara, you are leaving it to me and those around you to pick up your pieces daily and ‘retrain’ you to achieve… think….

You can cause those around you to have doubts, be depressed, be demotivated, not perform well and when you finally ‘bounce’ back from your current down episode, the people around you are down again… Then they drag others down. Then when they come up, you are in your endless cycle of down again. So it is a chain reaction…

you have been a person without goals

I receive hundreds of apologies over the years, very few move me or make me believe. I fight being cynical all the time.

you are selfish.

My example is all the people around me. They have nothing of worth and value they can take at death yet they live as if there is no death. Silly self deception. Silly selfishness hidden behind depressions, down time and feeling like we can’t do it.

Apologies are the first step but it does not purchase the respect you lost and the loss of confidence and deep pain, hurt and disappointments you have created. Apologies do not mend or make up for all the resources you have caused to be wasted. The single most important resource we have is the friendship/love and support we have in Kultchara from those around us. This love and support willNEVER BE FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE.

Apology letters sometimes make me angry. Because you can’t rob someone and then it’s ok with just a letter. How can someone consistently do harm, not do their work well, not do their job well, burden others, make others disappointed, damage others and then it’s forgotten with a letter. People who do not do their work well do not deserve to be here by right. They are here because we have compassion and mercy.

your karma is ruthless. Karma is unbiased. What you have done, when it fruitions, will make you lose the most precious things you have. No words, apologies and delicious explanations will help you.

If you don’t buck up and constantly burden others, it’s not a matter of forgiveness, it’s that the work still has to get on. It still has to complete.


We all have:


low self esteem


perhaps bad upbringing




feeling sorry for ourselves


wanting ‘easy’ life whatever that really means




attachments, etc etc etc etc and endless variations of the above and more etc…


If you keep failing, my love and care for you will never cease, but will you have the karma to keep the most precious thing in your life?

Scam Rinpoche – The Emotionally Manipulative and Abusive

This is how a supposed “Enlightened master” teaches his students – by telling them that they are a worthless burden to their organization and society as a whole and that they would have no chance of success outside the organization should they ever choose to leave.
All this because the student choose to sleep, socialize with friends, occasionally did not meet deadlines and… be human and have an actual life!

We here at Exposingkultchara really hope that an end to all forms of abuse carried out by Scam Rinpoche and Kultchara would come soon and pray for all those still trapped and suffering in the cult.

Stay brave and know that you can leave and life is beautifully meaningful outside Kultchara.

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